How We Work

Customizable Aspects of a Kit


Our kits/gift sets can be a 1 piece box, or a 2-piece with lid. They can be solid-box, or have a custom die-cut window. They can have very simple cardboard structures to hold in the materials, or can use specially-molded PVC trays that come in a variety of colors. Different finishes, effects, and structures can be utilized, depending on budget and approach.


Whether a customer needs an extremely affordable price point, or needs to build in value to create a high-end product, we can often add, subtract, or modify the materials in a kit.


We can modify the page count, book trim, and other aspects of most of our books to the needs of the overall product.

Variety of Product Sizes

General Kit Size Comparison Chart


Diagram for reference only. Actual kits may differ in size, depth, and orientation.

Packaging Variations

Size Conversion

Existing kits can be re-sized and other component/book adjustments made, depending on the specific needs of a customer. In certain situations, a kit can be changed from a horizontal format to a vertical one, and visa versa.


Similar Topic/Craft, but Different Designs/Format

Certain activities appeal to a variety of age groups and audiences, and we can create a variety of niche products within that realm. This approach allows retailers to connect with specific trends, release seasonally appropriate products, allows for differentiation in the marketplace, and keeps enthusiasts of a craft coming back for fresh topics.